Sunday, November 24, 2013


I love my mom so much and I simply can't believe she has been gone for almost four years. 
Sadly like everyone my memories fade, and I'm genuinely worried that if I don't take the time to think about her and actually write things down I will just forget. So here are some things I remember about my mom.

-Loved boggle
-Loved history - Horatio hornblower, Napoleon
-Loved music and movies -Start the Revolution without me
-Wanted to be called Groovy gal or bitchin babe
-Cared about resolving problems immediately 
-Passionate at football games (I remember hearing her yell at the players when we came to watch me cheer haha)
-Loved Yankees and hockey 
-Talked a lot! (Like mother like daughter!)
- Very giving
- Loved bicycling
- Crafty (made beautiful dresses and we all had homemade quilts)
These are just a few for now, I'll come back and add more later

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  1. i will always remember how we were all so excited to have her as our Sunday school teacher! your mom was such an amazing awesome lady!