Thursday, December 2, 2010


Since I have no idea if anyone actually reads this blog and I'm pretty lazy I haven't added anything new recently. Obviously awesome things are constantly happening in my life and I have amazing things to say that everyone should want to read about, sooooo eventually I'll really update my blog :) for now know that I'm still as awesome as ever. Oh and Jesse and I are moving to the middle of nowhere Granger, Wyoming in the very near future. This is the closest "establishment" to where I'll be living. Sad, huh?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fritz Fisher

We have a new addition to the Fisher family already. I have been obsessed with the thought of having a puppy for a very long time, and I somehow convinced Jesse into getting one. We did a lot of looking around and finally found the perfect lil guy on a website called CAWS (community animal welfare society). We met him and instantly fell in love, he really is the cutest puppy I've ever seen. Fritz is part chihuahua and part ? You would not really guess chihuahua when you see him, but I think it means he'll stay small and I'm happy about that. Fritz is ridiculously scared of everything at first, but we force him to do a lot. We have him meet lots of people and dogs, and we took him swimming at Bear Lake (he's a natural) this last weekend. We held him right above the water and before he even touches it he starts swimming, it was so funny Fritz had all of us laughing for a while. He is like a baby because he likes to be craddled and he is an Attention Hor! Jesse is head over heels for Fritz, he loves him and is sad because Fritz loves me more and follows me everywhere. As with most puppies he has some incidents, but so far he's been a great puppy and we think will turn out to be a great dog.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


For Jackie's twenty-first birthday she wanted to have a fiesta, so a fiesta she had. My mom got her two pinata's - a 2 and a 1 (21) this was awesome, only problem was she never used them. Being the genius that she is, Jackie gave them to me for my twenty-first birthday three years later. I also did not use them...until the other day. My twin nephews Carter and Kenji were punching them so I thought "Why not!?" I took it outside and hung it from our swing set and told Halle and the boys to get a bat. They showed up with a woody-buzz bat and two ping pong paddles! I found that immensely funny. They tried to go at it, but luckily I stopped them before they destroyed it and forced them to play by pinata rules. We blindfolded them and spun them around and they started swinging their lil hearts out, it was loads o' fun. I took my turn as well...of course! I had to spin lots more because of my obvious advantage and wasn't allowed as many whacks. Despite my obstacles I came out the victor! The best part of the whole thing was how nasty and old the candy was. Yet this did not keep them from eating as much of it as they could. It was a lot of fun and I was smart enough to save the other half of the pair of pinata's so we can play another day.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Blogging Newby

Hey there everybody, I have decided to join the ranks of bloggers! Obviously my first few posts are probably going to be a little suck-tacular, but bear with me. I'll start off giving a lil bit of information about me. My name is Dana Lambert Fisher and I recently got married to a Mr. Jesse Fisher (hence the fishy). We are ridiculously happy and in love! We mostly just spend time together or with ourfamilies, but really enjoy doing super fun stuff like snowmobiling, boating, canoeing, going for rides in the canyon, and just being silly. We lucked out by getting to rent a house in provo, utah and thankfully unlike most newly weds our first place is pretty nice!
Other things to know about me is that I have a big family that I love very much! My father is a very awesome man named David Lambert and he was married to
my fabulous mother Karen Smithson Lambert for 32 years before she passed away December 19, 2009. My oldest sister is Kristen Burgi, she is married to Clint who has been my brother since before I can remember. They have three adorable children. A beautiful 10 year old girl named Halle and two ridiculously crazy 3 year old fraternal twins named Carter and Kenji. My sister Michelle Hawkes and her husband Marshall live in Louisville, Kentucky. I don't get to see them very oftenand that makes me really sad because they also have three adorable children. Cohen the oldest looks like a precious moments doll and is hilarious, Eli the middle boy is very handsome and my sister Jackie says he looks exactly lik
e Matt Damon and they just barely had a beautiful baby boy named Liam. Next on the list is my sister Alyssa, she is almost annoyingly smart and recently finished law school. She is living in Alaska (which is really cool, and I'm pretty jealous) where she works for a judge. Then comes Jackie or as I know her Jack-i-amo (we have a very interesting relationship as you will further find out from my blogs) she knows me as fat-
auntie because my niece called me that one time like 5 years ago! She recently graduated from Utah State University (Go AGGIES!) as a English and History Teacher. Then comes moi, and then the baby of the family is Delaney who is a punky teenager that attends Mountain View HIgh School and is a swimmer as well as a lifeguard.