Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scary Snowmobiling Incident and longest blog of your life

Jesse and I had a really great vacation to utah recently. We drove the 15 hours to utah just talking about life and what not, listening to music, and stopping a lot to stretch. We were so happy that Nate Siebach our brother in-law had finally gotten home from Afghanistan. The first night we were there the whole Fisher family went out to dinner together and we talked and laughed and laughed and talked some more. I had the salad bar which is located smack dab in the center of the restaurant and I can attest to the fact that we were the loudest group in the place! It continued to be a good night, we played a fun new game where we all learned that we know nothing haha except maybe Jesse's dad Randy (Oh and Grandma, who wasn't even playing).

The next day Jesse and I got to go snowmobiling for the first time this year! It was also a big deal because it was our first time out on our awesome new Arctic Cat. We didn't go too long because the snow where we were wasn't the best and our bodies hadn't taken that kind of abuse in a while and couldn't take it for too long, at least not me. The next few days we did some shopping, just hanging out with friends, did dinner and games with my family, and just had an overall good time.

Alright, now the climax of the story, time to get to the real ooey gooey stuff!

We woke up and immediately headed out for a day of fun in the mountains. We decided that we wanted to try somewhere new, somewhere we could really explore and have fun with. We ended up in a beautiful area somewhere above Sundance. It was perfect! Great snow, there was lots of powder that we could zig zag through where we are up on one ski and basically half our bodies are in the snow (There is a term for it, but Jesse isn't here to tell me what it is right now). We got so deep in it at one point I fell off. One problem, I was holding on really tightly to Jesse so he fell off too! We were starting to get tired and a bit hungry so we thought we'd have one last hoorah and leave. We had to get over a hill to go play in a bowl, but we got stuck. Jesse got off by the front to wiggle the skis to get help us get out. As I said before there was lots of powder. When Jesse stepped off he sank down pretty far. He sat down and said, "oh man, I ripped my pants that we just bought!" I am thinking to myself dang those were expensive. Then he says in a tone that I can't decide if it is joking or not, " I think I might need stitches"

He ripped his pants open further and what I saw made my heart stop. When Jesse sank in the snow, his leg caught a piece of metal on his skis. There was a perfect slice through his skin right down to the bone! A recap; we are 5 plus miles away from our car, 15 plus miles away from a hospital, snowmobile is stuck, and the experienced driver is sliced open. Oh yeah and we left our backpack (with medical supplies) and some other junk over in the next field.
Time to panic, well at least I did. Jesse remained really calm. Asked me for my head warmer, which wasn't enough so I ripped off my coat and sweatshirt and gave him my shirt to wrap around his leg. Jesse drove us down the mountain so he could elevate his leg by resting it on the hood. Of course he wouldn't leave the
snowmobile up there! We had to take the time to load it up. Of course he wouldn't lay in the back and elevate his leg! He told me he was driving. He was even cracking jokes about whether we should stop and get lunch before we went to get medical attention! We did finally end up at the insta-care where we were the main event. All the nurses told us that it was the most exciting thing that they'd done/seen at work in a while.

The doctor was really nice and did a fine job of putting 4 stitches on the inside with the muscles and junk. Telling us that Jesse was lucky, because he barely missed a tendon and something else that is scary and important. Then the doctor finished up with 16 stitches on the outside and told us that Jesse would have a pretty nasty scar but otherwise be fine in about two weeks.

I was sure glad that he was ok, especially because that night we had a party to go to! Hahaha, But seriously. My family took us out to a place called Comedy Sportz. Which is a lot like Who's Line is it Anyways. All of us were laughing like crazy, it was so much fun. The day started great and ended great which is all that really matters, right?
The next day was our last, and we split ways. He got to hang out with a great friend, and I got to spend quality time with two of my sisters and niece. Then we headed back to North Dakota. Can't wait till next months Utah adventures!

WARNING!!!!! Only scroll down if you can take looking at icky pictures of blood and gore!


  1. Wah, sick! Jesse is super brave. And scars are supposed to be "cool" for guys right? :)

  2. Yeah you are right, it'll just make him look bad A haha! He is brave, I would have been freaking I guess it is lucky that it was him who got hurt. That sounds wrong to say but I think you get what I mean