Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It says it in the name...Why Wyoming!?

Jesse and I have been living in Wyoming for a couple of months and it has been interesting to say the very least. We live in a fifth wheel travel trailer, which is actually pretty decent even if it sounds crazy. Pictures show what I so ineptly describe, but it is basically a really nice really really small apartment. Living in college dorms prepared me well for this.

The beginning was extremely rough, we had no water or sewer for about a week because it was so cold that our pipes were frozen. During that week out here in the middle of nowhere Wyoming without certain basic necessities, I called my sister Michelle and told her all about it. Her response was, "Dana, do you know what you are doing?" I replied, "Complaining?" She told me in a dragged out response, "You...are...making...MEMORIES!" At the time I was gonna smack her, but now it makes me laugh hysterically. It will definitely make for a great story when one day our kids say that they have it hard.
Granger, Wyoming has been a serious culture shock for me. The town has one commercial store and that is the bar, which doesn't do me much good with the whole no drinking thing. There is a post office (which is a trailer), fire station, one room library, and Town Hall. The town is super classy, which is shown well by the many run down homes and the boarded up old Catholic church that ten or more people live in and park their fourteen cars in front of. Let's not forget the amazing roads throughout town that add a lot of character, it is like you are on Mr. Toads wild ride.
Until recently we didn't have internet or cable and still have nearly no phone service, all in all not much to do here. I started talking daily walks when the wind would allow it (the wind in wyoming is intense). I felt disbelief when on my walks I would get maybe a hundred yards away from a herd of antelope or have to turn around because I was afraid my dog would go chase after the flock of sheep being herded by a cowboy straight out of a cheesy western film.
I'd be lying if I said I have been loving every moment of this experience, but it has definitely been an experience. I already feel like I've grown as a person and matured by dealing with a situation that wouldn't be easy for anyone. I am making the most out of being here. So now I will reflect on the good in Granger. Jesse and I have spent so much time together since being out here. We hang out, watch movies, make delicious meals (since there is nowhere to eat out), we have gone 'digging' in his truck down by the river, we have gone on bike rides out in the prairie and played at the park. Also we spend a lot of time with Jesse's boss and his wife. They have been extremely good to us, and since his boss challenges us to wii games all the time, my wii skills have become something to admire. Before we moved to Wyoming I would have said I was extremely close with my husband and loved him very much. I did not think that I could get closer to him or love him more, but the time out here has proven that wrong. We have had to deal with a lot and we love each other so much more now, and I know now that we can do anything as long as we are together. I know that sounds oober cheesy, but I believe it's true.

Whoopi!!! I didn't think things could get better, but now we have something new to look at from our back window. Can you guess what it is....give up? It is a port-a-potty! This place is just so classy.

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  1. Oh Dana, how could I possibly forget that you had a blog?! Wish I had read this a lot sooner...it's hilarious. I love that you and Jesse are experiencing this together and it will DEFINITELY make for a great story when you have kids.