Tuesday, August 3, 2010


For Jackie's twenty-first birthday she wanted to have a fiesta, so a fiesta she had. My mom got her two pinata's - a 2 and a 1 (21) this was awesome, only problem was she never used them. Being the genius that she is, Jackie gave them to me for my twenty-first birthday three years later. I also did not use them...until the other day. My twin nephews Carter and Kenji were punching them so I thought "Why not!?" I took it outside and hung it from our swing set and told Halle and the boys to get a bat. They showed up with a woody-buzz bat and two ping pong paddles! I found that immensely funny. They tried to go at it, but luckily I stopped them before they destroyed it and forced them to play by pinata rules. We blindfolded them and spun them around and they started swinging their lil hearts out, it was loads o' fun. I took my turn as well...of course! I had to spin lots more because of my obvious advantage and wasn't allowed as many whacks. Despite my obstacles I came out the victor! The best part of the whole thing was how nasty and old the candy was. Yet this did not keep them from eating as much of it as they could. It was a lot of fun and I was smart enough to save the other half of the pair of pinata's so we can play another day.

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