Saturday, July 26, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things

I need to focus on being more grateful and positive and I think that listing things that make me happy will help so over time I'll keep slowly adding things 

Jace dancing 
Jace pushing Jesse's belly button and Jesse making pillsbury dough boy sounds
- Feeling baby girl move inside me
- Reading a good book
- Watching Harry Potter
- Jace twirling my hair while I hold him because I am twirling the ends of his hair
- Twizzlers
- Boating
- Getting a good nights rest
- Jace coming up and giving me an open mouth kiss without me even asking
- Watching Jace become more brave at the mcdonalds play place by going all the way up the structure and going down the slide himself
- Getting to dress sweet Afton in the cutest lil pink clothes
- Finding money I thought I'd lost
- Going on dates with Jesse 
       - Festival of Lights 
-  Much needed help from people that love me and my children 
- Sleep
- Massages 
- Having a very hardworking husband who almost never complains even though he definitely has it rough
-Jace talking to his food and then growling while he gobbles it up 
- Watching Jesse play with jace and afton after being gone for almost a month

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