Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jesse's visit in May

Jesse got home the day before Mother's Day and it was such a treat to get to sleep in on Mother's Day and have his help withJace. Jace was very happy to have him home because daddy can do some fun stuff that pregnant worn out mommy can't haha. We had a really good time just relaxing and hanging out at home. But we also did quite a few fun things like hang out with friends and famh and of course ate out a lot. We would get yummy food and go eat it in the canyon because the weather was so beautiful. One time we got subway and right as I was finishing I got so nauseous that I lost everything and we had to go get me more food cause my poor belly was so empty. We spent a lot of time hanging out with family just talking and laughing. Jesse thinks he is so funny and his family thinks he is hilarious too. Maybe cause I'm the butt of the joke a lot  I think he's funny but don't laugh as much haha. We went to Scheels this huge sporting goods store and it was really cool and was so big we got tired before finishing exploring so we'll have to go check that out again sometime. We took jace to the rec center which was fun cause there was hardly anyone there so we could be loud and crazy :)  our anniversary on the 19th was pretty chill we just went to dinner and had some nice alone time. 

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