Friday, March 6, 2015

The oldest debate...

The debate that's been going on forever...does the baby look like mom or dad. While at my parents last night we were having the debate yet again on who Afton looked like, so I came home and found some old pictures of me and this was the result.
Poor Jesse is left out because both our kids are my spitting image. 

Which means obviously they look like each other! They are so stinking cute if I do say so myself!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Jace update July to September 2014

Jace is so stinking cute I can't even handle it sometimes but i swear he only turns on the charm right after doing something I want to kill him for! Haha I am kidding of course, but making jokes like that is kind of how I deal with the stress. I'll tell Jesse that his kid is buggin and I'm giving him away to the gypsies after he splashes in the toilet, poops in the bathtub, or runs away from me in public (prego momma doesn't run!). 
Here is a quick update. Jace is incredibly active, he literally runs in circles and all over the place. Playing run away and being chased is his favorite game. He babbles a lot and he is getting better at communicating what he wants or needs.  He loves when we put fritz on a leash and he can "walk" him around the front yard at the Fishers. His hand coordination  has really developed and he can easily put milk lids into a diaper wipes box opening and he loves to do that over and over again. Something particularly adorable he has been doing is smiling as me while scrunching up his entire face, I hope I catch it on camera soon because it makes my day. He is still obsessed with stuffed animals, he loves them and hugs them and eats their faces. He also really loves cars, trucks and his scooter. Those are the main toys he plays with all day long. 

I am conditioning him to like his Halloween costume which is a shark. He hates it but I put it on him and feed him fruit snacks and slowly he is hating it less 😃. I refuse to have a whiny crying kid on Halloween when he is supposed to be adorable and cute and get lots of compliments haha. 
He is still very attached to daddy and when Jesse is here he wants nothing to do with me/ mom. Which can be difficult but also so sweet to see the adoration he has for Jesse. When Jesse is watching snowmobile videos he has to be right there on his lap watching too and when Jesse was doing construction to the house he had to have a hammer and be pounding the ground as close to Jesse as possible. It seriously melts my heart! 

Till next time....

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jace over a year old

Jace loves dancing , chillin with dad or on his rocking chair, playing music on any of his toys or stealing someone's phone for their music. Jace loves stuffed animals and carries them around hugging and playing with them and biting their faces. He does this annoying thing where he turns his bottle upside down and purposefully spills the milk out onto the ground and he loves how much it drives me crazy. He can say a few words; mom/ momma/ ma, da, dana (duh na), wow, vroom, roof, bye, grandma (grah mah). He loves water and enjoys boating but doesn't like the life jacket or when Jesse goes too fast. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things

I need to focus on being more grateful and positive and I think that listing things that make me happy will help so over time I'll keep slowly adding things 

Jace dancing 
Jace pushing Jesse's belly button and Jesse making pillsbury dough boy sounds
- Feeling baby girl move inside me
- Reading a good book
- Watching Harry Potter
- Jace twirling my hair while I hold him because I am twirling the ends of his hair
- Twizzlers
- Boating
- Getting a good nights rest
- Jace coming up and giving me an open mouth kiss without me even asking
- Watching Jace become more brave at the mcdonalds play place by going all the way up the structure and going down the slide himself
- Getting to dress sweet Afton in the cutest lil pink clothes
- Finding money I thought I'd lost
- Going on dates with Jesse 
       - Festival of Lights 
-  Much needed help from people that love me and my children 
- Sleep
- Massages 
- Having a very hardworking husband who almost never complains even though he definitely has it rough
-Jace talking to his food and then growling while he gobbles it up 
- Watching Jesse play with jace and afton after being gone for almost a month

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jesse visit June 2014

Jesse and I bought a boat! We went out several times while he was home and had such a blast. We had so much fun in the sun with the wind blowing through our hair (Jesse's not so much haha) Jesse loves to go really fast but jace didn't so Jace and I would hang out in the lil cabin up front and play or cuddle.  The water was still so cold but it didn't stop us from getting in a lot. 
We did a lot of other fun things while Jesse was here including the scera pool and cowabunga bay and just hanging out with our awesome families! I love love love the summer and this visit with Jesse has been so ridiculously amazing. I'm so happy I get to have him as my husband, best friend and father of my sweet baby boy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jesse's visit in May

Jesse got home the day before Mother's Day and it was such a treat to get to sleep in on Mother's Day and have his help withJace. Jace was very happy to have him home because daddy can do some fun stuff that pregnant worn out mommy can't haha. We had a really good time just relaxing and hanging out at home. But we also did quite a few fun things like hang out with friends and famh and of course ate out a lot. We would get yummy food and go eat it in the canyon because the weather was so beautiful. One time we got subway and right as I was finishing I got so nauseous that I lost everything and we had to go get me more food cause my poor belly was so empty. We spent a lot of time hanging out with family just talking and laughing. Jesse thinks he is so funny and his family thinks he is hilarious too. Maybe cause I'm the butt of the joke a lot  I think he's funny but don't laugh as much haha. We went to Scheels this huge sporting goods store and it was really cool and was so big we got tired before finishing exploring so we'll have to go check that out again sometime. We took jace to the rec center which was fun cause there was hardly anyone there so we could be loud and crazy :)  our anniversary on the 19th was pretty chill we just went to dinner and had some nice alone time. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

10 months

Jace is ten months old and as crazy as ever! I looked at him while he was on Jesse's shoulders and made a weird face and growled at him which made him smile and go nuts. It made me realize that he is weird cause I am weird :). He is walking all over the place... As long as he has something to hold onto haha. Jesse said, " he has the side step down, he could side step to China!" He has been very needy of me for the last while,
he basically only wants me and no one else and he almost always has to see me or be near me. I'm ok with it cause he is so cute I can't get enough of him!